Volumi is a concept made of stone and fragments of Murano glass.

The graphics are inspired by the simplicity of pure geometric shapes, which are transformed into aesthetic and functional elements thanks to the inclusion of integrated shelves and ergonomic solutions.

Volumi is a concept that, in addition to solutions for the covering, investigates a series of elements designed for bathroom furnishings.

The choice of the module, the colors and the different laying options allow you to create customized layouts.

Polvere di stelle is also available in the Night Light version, capable of lighting up in the dark, with a fluorescent effect, thanks to the light received during the day.

To complete the project, flooring, cladding and plinths with or without decoration, with the same stone and size, can be created on request.

Volumi can be made in customized format, on other materials on request and with a different color of Stardust

Stone range: