Stones, marbles, granites, onyxes and natural materials from all over the world, worked in the filing cabinet to create any type of project.

The selection of the raw material, the experience, the service and the processing method are the key to our success.

Marbles, quartzites, limestones are not only different aesthetically, there are materials that are perfect for the outdoors, others with excellent mechanical resistance, others with low absorption...

Our specially trained staff will follow you from the choice of material to the technical optimization of your project to provide the best solution to your needs.

Continuous training allows us to offer you the most important innovations on the market such as, for example, the new stain-resistant natural stones.

These natural stones, selected for their geological characteristics, are subjected to a particular surface treatment that makes them resistant to stains from wine, coffee, lemon juice, oil ... the treatment is also suitable for contact with food, making them perfect for the creation of counters, tables or kitchen tops.